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Phanxys Wave is the world’s first rechargeable two fingers vibration device that has clitoral and G-spots. The Phanxy Wave promises that it will ease all your sexual discomforts. The Phanxy Wave was created to satisfy women’s sexual desires. It’s a great method to impress men. It’s all in pressing the right buttons and stimulating sensitive areas.

The device can be used by you on your own or together. PHANyx Wavemotion Prostate Massager uses wave motion technology that stimulates your penis. It pinpoints precise locations for intense pleasure. Both of you will feel amazing orgasms which are intense and stupendous. The Phanxy Wave promises to quickly and easily recharge your love battery.

You can have unlimited orgasms with the Phanxy Wave, no matter which location you are located or what time you are with your partner. This vibrator can be used for both gendersIt has two settings to speed up the pace that allow both partners to have fast or slow orgasms. The Wave also has two distinct sensors that let you be aware of when your partner is excited or close to orgasm. The Wave is also covered by a two-year limited warranty, so that in case it gets damaged you can always send it back.

The most appealing feature of this vibrator is its ability to be operated from the comfort of home. You don’t need to go to find an ally or leave the house. You can use it right at the comfort at home. Plug it in , and then turn on the deviceIt will take a while for your spouse to turn the device on.

Since the Phanxy Wave is very easy to use, even people who have never used a vibrator before have been amazed by its powerful vibrations and even orgasms. The Phanxy Wave was specially designed to be simple to use to allow anyone to feel comfortable with it and fit into your lifestyle. You won’t be disappointed even if you’ve tried vibrators before or you simply want something simple and straightforward.

The Phanxy Wave even has an impressive motor powered by two high intensity batteries. You can control the pace you wish to go at and go slow. The vibrator is controlled by one hand, so that you can continue to be a part of your partner’s life without even having to stand up. This is a great method to impress your partner even if they are tired or overwhelmed and require some time to relax.

You can also take the Phanxy Wave with you wherever you travel. The Phanxywave doesn’t come with a small battery or an expensive price unlike other vibrators which would need to be recharged each time you use them. This is an excellent feature that makes vibrators more convenient for people who are constantly moving. This is better than buying a second set of battery!

The Phanxy Wave is a powerful and intense sexual experience that can make you feel comfortable. It not only gives your woman multiple orgasms every time, but also boosts the quality of your sex lives overall. This is a great method to offer your lover a variety of orgasms and great pleasure.